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Huffpost article

Much of the talk surrounding financial technology (Fintech) has been about the disruption of financial services. The emergence of cryptocurrencies is changing payments and banking. With peer-to-peer lending, access to quick and affordable loans isn’t limited to banks and large lenders anymore. Crowdfunding and coin offerings have challenged venture capital and investments as means to business funding.

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October 24, 2017


  1. Rex Smith

    It seems like cryptocurrencies are the future currency and will challenge and change the present banking system. Financial technology is here to stay.

  2. Tony Lars

    Personally, I think this is a great thing since whatever industry you go into you need competition for improvement. So banks and large lenders having competition will be perfect for anyone who takes out loans.

  3. stephen

    cryptocurrencies look to be the future. Easily accessible by anyone no matter in the world they are.

  4. dun

    thanks for your pearls of wisdom, 25 years is a lot of experience

  5. don sage

    there is an exciting future it seems from what you say, that the future is bright for crypto currencies. good to know journalists are covering this key issue.

  6. Nick

    I put a lot of faith (and money) into cryptocurrencies, but I wonder about whether they’re ever going to see real use. If bitcoin gets implemented by Amazon (I read that somewhere), it might explode! I wonder how long the bubble will last though…

  7. Nikkistix

    I think any current challenge to the present banking systems is a positive one. It may bring more equality on a global scale.

  8. Alexander

    I’m already using and working with Bitcoin and a few other currency they are the future I do think, in fact know !!!

  9. Jonny Martin

    Unfortunately there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrencies. Hopefully the powers that be can allow a degree of transparency so that people can understand it.


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