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I have more than 20 years of experience in the real estate, sustainable resource development and financial industries. Born in Israel, I have partnered with or been the initiator of several unique and successful global businesses. Today, I am the Co-founder and Director of a leading player in the fast-growing marketplace lending field, providing small business loans to enable other entrepreneurs to succeed. My projects keep me very busy, but I work hard to make time for one of my favorite loves—modern art. I have a number of exquisite paintings in my personal art collection and take advantage of my free time to discover new pieces for my growing collection.

Wall Street and Corporate Finance

After graduating in 1993 from the University of Illinois, I became a Wall Street trader with a small brokerage house. I learned the tools of the trade rather quickly and a year later, I moved over to Orly Capital, Inc. to be Corporate Finance Specialist. Due to my prior experience, I was assigned to facilitate the company’s listings on the US and European exchanges. I was employed at Orly Capital from 1997 until 2004.

Real Estate

In July 2006 I launched my first company—Canadel Group in partnership with Robert Rubinstein. Our company engaged in private real estate development, focusing on creative projects throughout Eastern Europe. We were based in Israel, but had offices in Latvia, Ukraine and Moldova.

Agriculture and Natural Resources

In 2008 I shifted my attention to agricultural development, founding BSD Ukraine Agro Ltd. We managed 10,000 hectare of land in Ukraine. I was Director until 2010 when I formed a partnership with David Plattner, founder of the Rainforest Trust, a company involved in rainforest conservation. I worked with governments around the world, developing financing and security strategies to help them protect their rainforests.


Following my experience in the Fintech industry, I found that Microfinance has a great potential in empowering the unbanked in developing countries. In today’s technological world, we have the power to utilize the technology and help bring a micro-revolution in the microloans markets.


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