The marketplace for cryptocurrency Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) is becoming ever more diverse and fascinating. Numerous different kinds of ICOs are constantly emerging that use cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and Ethereum to address many different global issues. The major appeal of cryptocurrency is evident in the extensive funding it is attracting. There is a great appetite for each newly emerging ICO, as people look for new ways of multiplying their cryptocurrency holdings or develop longer-term strategies.

New Technologies and New Services

Blockchain technology is at the center of this dynamic series of developments and is playing an especially important role in relation to the banking system, which is behind the times in today’s digital world of instant communication. Thanks to blockchain technology, a thorough and very necessary overhaul of the banking industry is now underway. More than two billion people without bank accounts are now being provided with the banking services they need by Everex, an emergent Ethereum-based ICO company. These consumers can now be given mobile-based Everex wallets that essentially function as bank accounts, with all of the advantages that this entails but without any fees being charged when money is exchanged. The Everex wallet also enables the user to avail of micro-financing and loans at reasonable rates.


Speeding Things Up

We’ve already referred to problems caused by the outdated aspects of conventional banking, and one of the most serious issues is the time it takes to transfer funds from one person to another, or even to oneself. This can cause real difficulties, for example, when business people experience delays in moving funds while they are traveling. Cryptocurrency, blockchain and new enterprises like Everex can radically cut down those delays and allow busy people to access their own funds more quickly and efficiently.

Everex and its associated technologies can also help to resolve the problems that migrant workers face when they transfer money back home. Instead of charging the exorbitant fees that make these transactions so costly, Everex enables people to send money home without paying fees and also to exchange currencies without incurring the typically high costs of doing so. We should also note the great importance of the fully cryptocurrency-backed microloans and microcredit that Everex now offers. Make sure to keep up with all of these positive changes as the story continues.

The Advantages of Cryptocurrency and ICOs
Article Name
The Advantages of Cryptocurrency and ICOs
Cryptocurrency-backed ICOs are successfully addressing problems in conventional banking services. Let's find out how they are making positive changes!
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Sharone Perlstein
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