Cascade Business News: Robinhood bet’s Bitcoin

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No, this is not the Robin Hood you likely have in mind. This is about stock trading mobile app provider Robinhood, which is also known as a “microfinance giant”. The company has been helping individuals trade stocks through an easier and simpler platform. It has recently announced that it is joining the cryptocurrency trading bandwagon.

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October 24, 2017


  1. Rex Smith

    It seems like cryptocurrencies are the future currency and will challenge and change the present banking system. Financial technology is here to stay.

  2. Tony Lars

    Personally, I think this is a great thing since whatever industry you go into you need competition for improvement. So banks and large lenders having competition will be perfect for anyone who takes out loans.

  3. stephen

    cryptocurrencies look to be the future. Easily accessible by anyone no matter in the world they are.

  4. dun

    thanks for your pearls of wisdom, 25 years is a lot of experience

  5. don sage

    there is an exciting future it seems from what you say, that the future is bright for crypto currencies. good to know journalists are covering this key issue.

  6. Nick

    I put a lot of faith (and money) into cryptocurrencies, but I wonder about whether they’re ever going to see real use. If bitcoin gets implemented by Amazon (I read that somewhere), it might explode! I wonder how long the bubble will last though…

  7. Nikkistix

    I think any current challenge to the present banking systems is a positive one. It may bring more equality on a global scale.

  8. Alexander

    I’m already using and working with Bitcoin and a few other currency they are the future I do think, in fact know !!!

  9. Jonny Martin

    Unfortunately there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrencies. Hopefully the powers that be can allow a degree of transparency so that people can understand it.

  10. Adam Smith

    It seems as though crypto currencies are the future, brilliant read!

  11. Zenifar Leon

    I’m already the usage of and running with Bitcoin and a few other forex they are the destiny I do assume, in fact recognise !

  12. browny

    The world is fast moving in the direction of non-traditional banking and currencies. I personally am still learning about them.

  13. Vini

    Bitcoin is the future as are other cryptocurrencies.Really interesting article.

  14. Krzysztof

    I think they will rule the world. Thank you for great article

  15. kevin

    I think bitcoin is something not worth investing in anymore.
    Used to be you could mine with your desktop etc but not the initial investment is far too high.

    I wil be looking into litecion more now and hope it follows the same path.

  16. Kikky

    I know a lot of people working and using bitcoins. I personally believe crypto currencies are the way forward. It’s just a matter of time. Nice article 👍

  17. Koko

    I am happy with the improvement but there is some uncertainty and unsafety, as I feel

  18. Ercan

    Cryptocurrencies will be the thing in the future especially Bitcoin, seeing the increase everyday amazes me.

  19. Matthew Kemp

    Although i do believe cryptocurrencies are the future there is still much uncertainty regarding them at the moment- are we in a bubble and will they be implemented by much larger companies say amazon and YouTube/google?

    I do currently hold bitcoins so im more inclined to say they will work out, however we shall see how long they last- i do personally believe they will take over actual paper currencies

  20. Sam

    This is the sign of a new generation of how we spend and lend our money.This can only be a good thing and security will improve.

  21. Tom

    very informative

  22. vini

    Cryptocurrencies are bringing financial power back to the people. I hope that it stays that way and doesn’t fall into control of the wrong hands.

  23. j griffiths

    cryptocurrency seems to be the way forward, it’s a currency that is not restricted to one economy

  24. Nathen

    I have been a firm believer in the empowering ability of microfinance for a long time. Now with the advent of decentralised crypto currencies, microfinance ought to be revolutionised and more people helped, more quickly and more directly.

  25. Geraldine

    This is a very useful and interesting information as I have started investing in crypto currencies.

  26. Mit

    I agree cyrpto currency is a big thing it seems to be more of a trend where everyone is investing their money towards. There is uncertainty in some sense of the values.

  27. Craig addy

    Cryptocurrencie and the bit mining “bubble” is a very uncertain and grey area for many people. I believe its had its limelight and will dither away into the background soon to be burst like bubbles afore !

  28. Maddie Sky

    Cryptocurrencies will be here to stay. In my honest opinion, bitcoin is one of the best investment opportunities right now, since it could probably keep its value against a falling stock market.

  29. Suzanne

    The present banking system could be a thing of the past a lot sooner than we think, which can only be a good thing. Hopefully some of the major online retailers will start using cryptocurrencies in the near future which would really kick things off.

  30. Stephanie Royal

    Cryptocurrencies are in the news a lot at the moment. It is fascinating how they are used in so many countries. I am interested in learning more about them, but currently don’t really understand enough about them.

  31. Anon

    I’m thinking about investing in bitcoin but still feel unsure as to whether I fully understand it. It’s getting more and more popular by the day though so I best get on with it! Thanks for the informative article!

  32. Nicole Hornsby

    Interest article. I think Cryptocurrencies are here to stay but the grey areas of the currency and the bubble of people thinking they can get rich quick with it will burst.

  33. John Dorian

    A great piece on the futures of cryptocurrency. In an area where there is a lot of murky waters, this is a clear article explaining it.

  34. Daisy Waiters

    I’ve heard a lot about cryptocurrencies through my friends. I wonder about the impact they will have in the future. It’s hard to express my views on it because there’s so much information surrounding them, it’s almost overwhelming.

  35. Ha

    I am involved in cryptocurrency and this article truly shows the future of cryptos
    Need more article like this to get people more interested

  36. Amir King

    Im a bit concerned about cryptocurrency and their security. There are many hijacks and criminals seem to use them. I like the idea of no central bank but I think the security needs to be improved.

  37. Zihan Chowdhury

    Good article. I have to know many more about crypto currencies.

  38. julio pacio

    Thanks for this article.The information it contains is priceless

  39. Rizwan Gahlot

    I have been searching about crypto currencies, and the way you explained helped me out a lot! Thank you really much 🙂

  40. Uche Ogenyi

    What a wonderful article. Technology is doing a great thing in the financial industry.

  41. Anna Ilieva

    I think cryptocurrency is the future! It’s still difficult for most people to understand but I think in few years it will be completely different and much more easier

  42. J Boyd

    Even my sister has invested in cryptocurrency. I think there will soon be regulation from the government on this sector.

  43. NThomas

    Thanks for your insight, cryptocurrencies certainly have the potential to grow in popularity and become more commonplace

  44. trina fava

    It will be interesting to see if cyrpto currency is the way to go,

  45. Galin Genchev

    Information is all you need.I will invest .Thanks for this article.

  46. Samuel

    I keep telling everybody. Crypto currency is the future and the smart ones are investing in it. The world is every day a bit more digital, it’s only logical that crypto currency will lead the way.

  47. James Hunt

    It will be interesting to see whether cryptocurrencies increasing popularity continues or whether it will be replaced with something else in the future.

  48. Mollyfam88

    The The future is coming people and its going to be grait.

  49. Haydn

    I’m waiting to see Crypto currenicies ten years from now. Wouldn’t be surprised if a celebrity gets behind a crypto soon so you can only buy their albums or concert tickets with a specific crypto…once that happens it should explode.

  50. Raja

    Cryptocurrencies is the best way to invest and secure money. It will be the future for the investors.
    Information provided in this article is really helpful.

  51. Alfie Naden

    Great Article, great way to diversify holdings at the moment thanks!

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  61. John Petkin

    Robin hood takes me back let me tell you, I used to watch this movie all the time with my kids.


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